Logos Cloud FAQ

What is Logos Cloud?

Logos Cloud is the newest Bible study tool from Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software. Access all the powerful features of Logos Bible Software, including advanced search features, original-language study tools, interlinears, reverse interlinears, sermon prep tools, reading plans, and more. These powerful tools work seamlessly with Logos’ unparalleled library of interconnected theological resources, a hand curated collection of which is included with your subscription.

What’s the difference between Logos Cloud and a Logos base package?

There are three significant differences. First, Logos Cloud is subscription based. Second, the theological library in Logos Cloud has been hand selected to provide a well rounded research library of resources that are available in subscription form. Lastly, a Logos Cloud library will grow as we continually add more titles to bring you even greater value.

Why is it called Logos Cloud?

With Logos Cloud, you can do advanced, biblical study across all your devices, no matter where you are. We store your documents, notes, and highlights in the Cloud. Even if your subscription lapses, you can pick up right where you left off when you resume your subscription.

What if I want to use Logos resources that are not included with Logos Cloud?

Any Logos resources you own, or that you purchase from www.logos.com will work seamlessly with Logos Cloud and improve your Logos Cloud experience.

I already own a base package. Should I get Logos Cloud?

Logos Cloud delivers all the features available in our Logos base packages. If you have a Logos 6 or older base package, Logos Cloud gives you access to our current features in a convenient subscription model. If you already own Logos 7, Logos Cloud will give you access to resources you may not own. If you own Logos 7 and a library that meets all your needs, Logos Now is a product that gives you access to many new features as they become available.

What are the different subscription plans available for purchase?


$7.50/mo. billed annually
$8.99/mo. billed monthly


$16.67/mo. billed annually
$19.99/mo. billed monthly


$41.67/mo. billed annually
$49.99/mo. billed monthly

How can I access Logos Cloud?

Desktop Software

This is the only way to experience the full power of Logos Cloud and access every resource included in Logos Cloud.

Download and install

Logos Mobile Apps

Our Logos Mobile Apps are available on supported mobile devices (Android, iOS) so you can take Logos resources with you wherever you go.

Get the mobile app

Logos Web App (Beta)

Our Logos Web App is evolving as we add features to bring the power of the desktop to the web.

Learn more

How do I change my subscription plan?

To upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, please call 800-210-6466.
To cancel, go to the subscription area in your account profile and select cancel.

Can I get a list of resources?

Because the Logos Cloud libraries will be continually evolving, we will not publish a list of included resources. You can expect to see popular modern, classic and original content in your library. Once you’ve subscribed, you can see all the resources available directly in the software as you browse your library. Start your free month today.

How much space will Logos Cloud take up on my computer?

You may be downloading up to 7GB of data. Once installed, Logos Cloud could use up to 13.5 GB of space on your drive.

How long does installation take?

Download and indexing time will vary according to internet connection speed and hardware configuration. This may take several hours. A high-speed internet connection is strongly recommended. Be sure to allow the library to index. You will not see full search results until the indexing process is complete.

If I cancel, then resubscribe, will I be able to get a 2nd free month?

Sorry, the First Month Free offer is only granted once per customer. If you resubscribe, or subscribe to a different level, you will not be eligible to receive a 2nd month free.

Why do I need to enter my Credit Card Information?

Your subscription is set to auto-renew so you never lose access to Logos Cloud. We will bill you at the beginning of each new subscription term. You can view when you will be billed next by visiting the subscription area in your account profile.

I have more questions. Where can I get them answered?

Go to the Logos Cloud Faithlife group and get your questions answered there. We’ll also be posting daily tips & tricks where you can learn more about your software. For further assistance, call 800-210-64667, email at help@logoscloud.com, or connect with us on Twitter at @logoscloud.