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Word study on 'grace'


From Daily Devotions to Leading a Bible Study Group

Logos Cloud Essentials will enrich your daily devotions and give you a new sense of confidence the next time you lead your small group in Bible study. You’ll get answers to your questions about the Bible, understand meanings of passages and words in Scripture, and learn about Biblical people, places, and events with rich visuals and stunning videos.

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Prepare a Sermon or Write your next Paper

Logos Cloud Plus includes everything in Essentials while adding features, media and a larger library that allows you to discover meanings of Greek and Hebrew words, compare the original texts of Scripture, learn how the early church interpreted Scripture, and research the author’s intent of each line in the New Testament.

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Studying the Psalms


Tools for Advanced Biblical Study

Logos Cloud Premium gives you the complete Logos Cloud feature set and a large collection of media and library resources designed to meet the needs of academics and professional scholars. Logos Cloud Premium allows you to discover differences across ancient manuscripts, filter and sort the Psalms and Proverbs, find alternate meanings of original language words, and identify the contextual meanings of Greek and Hebrew words.

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    With Logos Cloud, you get access to a large and growing library of books. Periodically enjoy trial access to special resources, too.

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